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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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have confide -- confused. people have already thought of it and we have backed up delayen 08 is a mess getting to it as well. 880 is not all that bad with slowing on 101 already, let's go to steve. we have increasing clouds throughout the day and we have it giving way to rain this evening. this will be a weak system, 60s for most and rain comes in later today. marking a new era, the message pope francis has for 1.2 billion catholics.
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>> reporter: developing news from nevada -- a deadly accident involving several u.s. marines. the questions that surround the tragedy. >> reporter: a man is shot and killed by police in east san jose. investigators are looking into what led up to this shooting. we'll have an update.
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♪ and overnight mass at the vatican, marking a new era for the church. >> reporter: miami or santa clara? who will host super bowl l? the nfl has nare roared it down but it doesn't necessarily want to pay. we'll tell you what the organization is asking for t "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, march 19th. we have new video on developing news we first told you about in our last hour, the marine corps has confirmed seven marines were killed last night during a training exercise near the california/nevada border. there was an explosion just before 10:00 p.m. at the hawthorne army depot near hawthorne,ner.
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that's about 140 miles --ner. that's about 140 -- nevada. that's about 140 miles east. we've also learned the marines were based out of camp lejeune, north carolina. an official on scene was revealing limited information. >> it was a accident that happened -- it was an accident that happened with the marines training down here. i can tell you there were a few people care-flighted. >> one hospital is reportedly treating eight injured people. three are in serious condition. the army depot stores and disses of military ammunition. but officials say the plosion was not related to that ammunition and we'll have more information on this story as we get it in to ktvu. pope francis has been officially installed at vatican city. he vows to serve the poorest
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and the weakest. ♪ >> this is just hours ago. pope francis was presented with a symbolic fisherman's ring. before being installed, he circled st. peter's square in a vehicle, then he did something very different. stepped down, kissed the head of that disabled man in the crowd. >> he began his work last wednesday night. this is not gonna be an ordinary people. he wants to be very close to the people. >> about 200,000 people packed st. peter's square watching the installation. vice president joe biden was there leading the u.s. delegation for the installation mass. 7:03. new this morning a car fire nearly spread to the oakland raiders' team headquarters in alameda. firefighters arrived at the fire at harbor bay parkway just after 4:00 this morning. they found a car fully engulfed
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in flames in a parking lot in the back of the property which is behind the oakland airport. the building was not burned. firefighters are investigating whether this was arson. police will be looking also into whether the car was stolen or involved in some other crime. this morning we're tracking the investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in unincorporated san jose. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live in san jose with what police are saying about gunfire that followed an overnight chase. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. sheriff's deputies just cleared the scene on jerilyn drive. they've been here for 12 hours investigating. we were just told by a neighbor. they say this is where the suspect in a stolen car was shot, where you see all of this broken glass and just across the street, that's where they say that he crashed his car after he was shot. i don't know if you can see. there's some debris there, still in the street in this residential neighborhood. now, this all took place just
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before 7:00 last night. san jose police were driving in unmarked cars from the specialized metro team. they spotted the stolen car, tried to spot it. authorities say they did use their lights and siren. the suspect then started to ram into police cars and the parked vehicle. one of the officers got out of his car. investigators say that's when the suspect accelerated. >> the officer fearing for his life, did shoot one round toward the suspect. the suspect crashed into a vehicle. ems was immediately summoned. the suspect was transported to a hospital where he died of his injuries. [ sirens ] >> it's scary. i'm just a little bit shocked. this never happened before. >> reporter: there was a passenger in the suspect's vehicle. he is being treated as aens witness. it's unknown if he will be charged with anything. all that we know is both the suspect and the passenger were both adult males.
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we don't know their identification or why the driver didn't want to be stopped by police other than they were driving a stolen car. no officers were injured in this or any other people in the neighborhood. it's being handled by the sheriff's department because it did happen in an unincorp rated area of san jose. we're on the other -- inuncorp rated area of san jose. we're on the other side of jerilyn drive. you can see some of the cars that were very close by to where this happened. we're still waiting to get an update from a spokesperson from the sheriff's department. we're hoping to have that in the next hour of "mornings on 2." reporting live in east san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:05. we'll also following developing news from iraq. at least 56 people have been killed. more than 200 hurt in several bombings in and around bag. [ sirens ]
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in and around baghdad. [ sirens ] >> this is video we got. a lot of those targets were bus stops in shiite areas. one of the deadliest attacks was one of the main gates of the heavily-fortified green zone. 7:06. today's attacks come on the 10th anniversary of the u.s.- led invasion of iraq. back on march 19th, 2003, the u.s. launched a series of shock and awe air strikes triggering the start of the war. the goal of the war was to rid the country of weapons of mass destruction and force saddam hussein from power. hussein's regime was toppled but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. a memorial on a hillside in la fayette commemorates u.s. troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. initially, aa cross is placed on the hillside for each
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soldier that died. organizers ran out of room after installing 4,000. coming up -- how long organizers say they plan to keep the memorial on the hillside. well, the city of santa clara may be a step closer to morning to hosting super bowl l in the new 49ers' stadium. tara moriarty is live to tell us about this proposal. this could be a real game changer, tara. >> reporter: well, every year the nfl asked for its employees to be exempt from paying the taxes for the super bowl. it adds up to millions of dollars. the city of santa clara believes it can recoup that lost revenue by being the post city -- host city. imagine in 2016 this being where the super bowl is held. hosting the super bowl gave new orleans a much-needed boost and they will finalize things tonight and city leaders have said they will comply with the request for nfl workers and team members. it works out to be about 19,000
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beds we're talking about it. it's a standard demand but cities can choose to shoot it down like miami did in 2010. this year, miami will comply, it just announced. with all of the money the nfl rakes in, one man we spoke to said it can afford it. >> i believe that, you know, the people that go to the super bowl that can afford those tickets, the little bit of the price they have to pay, no big deal to them. the city should be able to reason the benefits -- reap the benefits. >> reporter: super bowl tickets would be exempt from surcharges. one raising $6 million and another that would have raised $25,000 to fund senior and youth programs. a parking fee would be waived to pay for police and traffic. the city believes that will all be made up through private donations. what the nfl is asking for is mind-boggling, they say, and it
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is a business and if you are staying for weeks, it does add up. we just received an nhl from the e-mail and it says it's a request, not a demand, it's factored into the overall bid process that the community may waive as part of the process that will bring millions in economic impact and exposure. that's their stance on it. when will we find out who will win? miami or santa clara? coming up in our knicks hour. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to check in with sal. is there a crash in the east bay, sal? >> yes. >> westbound highway 4 near willow pass road. they are clearing it. they've made some good progress here. the cars put up on tow trucks here. highway 4 is a mess. the two right lanes have been closed for a bit including the exit lane. traffic is backed up into antioch. it looks like the fire crews are there helping with the
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cleanup. highway 4 is backed up into passenger and antioch. so give yourself plenty of extra time on highway 4. if you are driving to the highway toll plaza, that's kept people from arriving. there was an earlier crash on 80. they've been stuck in pretty heavy traffic on. this morning's commute in the south bay, northbound 101 that traffic is busy as you approach capital expressway. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a beautiful sunrise, we get higher clouds. a few breaks in the clouds, last full day of winter. spring starts tomorrow. we'll get a little bit of rain tonight. not a big deal. the system is falling apart. mostly cloudy, rain later, we'll take it tonight into tomorrow morning. cooler with a lot of clouds. it looks mostly sunny and mild by the weekend. maybe warm on saturday. two parts to the system, the stronger ones appear, and
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that's where the heavy rain will be, pacific northwest, northern california. we have to wait for the little guy back there. rainfall projections are very light. i will slow you those in a second. partly cloudy, chilly to cold. i know they are held up. it just feels colder. a little bit more moisture. clouds increase, light rain coming in. mostly cloudy, rain develops tonight into tomorrow. this is a very weak system. morning rain on wednesday. then we'll kick it out of here. rainfall projections are extremely light. i think that will cover it. there could be a few isolated areas where more comes in. a few breaks. we had some. not much. clouds will continue to roll in. but there's really not enough to give us much in the way of rain. but it will juice up the atmosphere and get it. severe weather made it down to
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the deep south and into florida. that's been longed in for the longest time. until that weather breaks down, everything is kind of ho-hum. we get weak systems. they get strong systems. this is another weak system. cloudy to mostly cloudy. a cold, chilly morning. light rain coming in later on. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees for some. we'll hold onto the pattern. clear it out on thursday and then a lot of sunshine. looks warmer when we get into saturday, probably about the same for sunday. is it a real threat or just propaganda? big debate over a provocative video. the next time i see you [bleep] it's gonna be a homicide. i take it seriously. >> and the threat made to the
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16-year-old rape victim in steubenville, ohio.
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beautiful sunrise. high clouds coming in. kind of cold. we'll have increasing clouds through the day. mostly cloudy. some rain comes in, it will be very light. all right. thank you, steve. 7:15. in ohio two girls have been arrested on suspicion of making online threats against the victim in the high-profile rape case in steubenville. the charges come one day after two high school football players were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party last august. police say the 15 and 16-year- old girls used facebook and twitter to threaten and harass the victim. >> one says you rip my family apart, you made my cousin cry so when i see you [bleep] it's gonna be a homicide. i take it seriously.
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>> the girls are being held in juvenile detention and will be in court later today. the united states responding to north korea's latest threat. it's a video showing a simulated attack on our nation's capital. some lawmakers don't think the pentagon is doing enough. here's kyla campbell. >> reporter: dave, some lawmakers say missile intercepters need to be added to the east coast. this is in response a four- minute video showing a simulated attack by north korea on the u.s. and the capitol building. it includes captions and a news agency translated as saying "the white house is caught in the panoramic sight of a long- range missiles" of this video shows north korea is committed to the goal. they add north korea has enough nuclear material to make
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several crude bombs but the country just has not shown its ability to build a warhead small enough to mount on a long- range missile. chuck hagel says they will move forward with adding missiles in alaska, 14 of them in the last four years. that's after those in california and alabama. we'll tell you what the white house is saying about these threats when i see you next hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. today, the senate is expected to approve a spending bill to keep the government funded through the end of september. the measure will go to the house where it's expected to pass and then to president obama to sign. congress was racing against a -- against a deadline of march 27th or face a government shutdown. the bigger battle over the 2014 budget continues. it could be easier to get into the national postal forum
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in san francisco today. >> okay! >> workers and customers protested outside yesterday's sexes at moscone service. they are angry the postal service is spending more than $2 million to network with vendors. but the postmaster general says they represent one-third of total postal service revenue and they need to hear their concerns. the conference wraps up tomorrow. two men were indicted by a federal grand jury for trying to get $20 million out of the state's pension fund. the indictment names two men of using fake documents to trick people into paying $20 million in fees to a company run by villarobos. there is a new study that says california lawmakers have
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the highest based salary in the nation. last year the base salary for legislators topped $95,000. they also received about $30,000 in tax-free per diem payments. but the governor's salary, not quite as high. governor brown earned $173,000. that's the 7th highest in the country. the top salary goes to the governor in pennsylvania. he earns just over $183,000. some california counties may be sued over a policy that sends low-level offenders to county jails instead of state prisons. lawyers representing inmates have already sued alameda, riverside and fresno county. another lawsuit is expected in monterey county. the lawsuits claim inmates are dealing with overcrowding, poor medical care and inadequate medical treatments at the county jail. do you know where your umbrella is? >> i think i have to dig it out. >> get ready. the weather is gonna change.
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as we look outside, this is what your sky looks right now. steve paulson is coming back. he's tracking rain in your. he will tell you -- in your forecast. he will tell you when. traffic on highway 4, finely the lanes have been reopened here after a wrong-way driver may have called a big pileup.
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welcome back. new details about president obama coming back here to the bay area next month. the president will attend four fund-raisers during his two-day visit. two fund-raisers will be in san francisco. two others will be in atherton. the money raised during his visit on april 3rd and 4th will be used to help democrats in the election next year. the president wants the
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democrats to regain control of the house. there was a meet yore without warning in russia wounding 1200 people and damaging thousands of building. hours later an asteroid missed earth by a little more than 17,000 miles. that's closer to earth than many satellites. astronomers estimate 20,000 potentially hazardous asteroids. this morning, nasa is trying to fix a software problem that's side lined the mars rover "curiosity." nasa says ground controllers are still in contact with the rover but it cannot roam around and take pictures until a fire error is fixed. they hope to fix the explorations by next week. it sounds like a little, mundane problem, a little fire error but it's so far away. >> yeah,.
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sal, highway 4, is it getting better? >> yes. they've opened up the lanes there. this may have been caused by a wrong-way driver. the lanes are open. but highway 4 is a mess coming out of pittsburg and antioch. this is after willow pass road. all of the lanes are open. it will take a while for this to unwind if you are a highway 4 commuter. i think you need to leave the house earlier than you normally do. it's always slow but it's even slower. the bay bridge toll plaza is finally beginning to get filled in. the traffic is filled in at the toll plaza. this is a 30-minute plus delay there. if you are driving in the south bay, santa clara traffic, moderate traffic. well, some breaks in the clouds. mostly sunny, partly cloudy here this morning. a nice sunrise. some of these higher clouds will continue to stream in. it felt chilly to me. a lot of 40s on the
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temperatures. moist content is up. there's a lot more cloud cover. unfortunately the system is very weak. mostly -- just high clouds coming in right now. this is a system that doesn't have a lot going for it. rainfall, i think .10 will probably cover 50% of the past there. there's not a lot of -- forecast there. there's not a lot. 50, 60s to even a few -- that cuff came back. i'll tell ya -- cough came back back -- came back. i don't even want to talk about it, dave. it looks like warmer weather will take us into the weekend. new england, getting pounded just as we get ready for spring. this is new haven, connecticut. 20 inches of snow could fall in some areas today. that storm back east is
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affecting a lot of bay area flights. >> that sometimes happens. >> all right. 7:26. pose has officially been install -- pose has officially been installed -- pope francis has officially been installed. we'll go live to rome. it's the 10th anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. the controversial memorial for the troops killed in the war that's on a hillside in la fayette. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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hours ago, huge crowds filled st. peter's square to watch the installation mass for pope francis. our reporter is live in rome to tell us about the mass and how it's very clear this is gonna be a different papacy than the previous popes. jim? >> reporter: no question, tori. somewhere between 100,000, 200,000 people were out here a few hours ago for the first inaugust ual mass. pope francis, clearly he's gonna have a different approach, at least in style from his predecessors. he went around st. peter's square in an open pope mobile. you will remember that back in 1981, john pawl ii fell victim to an assassination attempt --
7:33 am
john paul ii fell victim to an assassination attempt. the vehicle was filled with plexiglass to protect the pope. the pope stopped to kiss some babies and he even got out and went to comfort a sick one. he talked about st. joseph in his homily and st. josephs need to protect the poor, the downtrodden and the fragile. it was a representation of the thing he was talking about. he also had another part of his mess arm for the assembled dignitaries. there were 130 around the world, including 30 heads of state who were here, and a dozen or so heads of government as well as officials from various religions around the
7:34 am
world. he said authentic power is service. that must have been one of the message that he wanted to get across because he later tweeted that same line. >> and for all of the change that's happening, there's gonna be a lot of similarities because there's very little chance of any change as far as leaning toward liberal stances, roles of women in the church, gay marriage and abortion, correct? >> reporter: that is correct. he's put from the same cloth as his predecessor as benedict xvi and john paul ii. no question about that. the president of argentina was here today. the pope has said he's against handing out condoms for free. those type of issues, the pope doesn't -- those won't be issues he will have a new
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message on, it seems. >> is there any expectation that he will do as much traveling as pope john paul ii? are we expecting any visits to lasten america? >> reporter: i would think so. there were a lot of -- one thing i should say, he's older. he's 76 years old. he was favoring one leg today as he walked around. he is kind of walking with a little bit of a limp. he only has one lung because of a childhood injury. as a consequence, he's -- it's possible he will travel. one has to take into account his age. one of the things that we thought with several popes with john xxiii he will be a transition figure, some people said that with pope francis. the fact is john xxiii proved to be a reformist. it's difficult to say if that will be the case here at this early stage of the game. >> okay. john vitterman, thank you.
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we are also following developing news from iraq this morning. at least 56 people have been killed and more than 200 hurt in a series of bombings in and around baghdad. [ sirens ] >> this is new video out of baghdad this morning. most of the attacks were car bombs targeting small restaurants and bus stops in shiite areas. one of the deadliest attacks struck near the heavy fortified green zone. the attacks come on the 10th anniversary of the u.s.- led invasion of iraq. alex savidge is at the hillside memorial in la fayette, one that commemorates american soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: good morning. this is a somber anniversary for the man who created this memorial. i just w minutes ago. he told me these white crosses remain on the hillside in la
7:37 am
fayette. because in his words, u.s. troops still remain in harm's way in both iraq and afghanistan. 4,000 white crosses are up here. but there have been many more casualties than that in those two countries. but the organizer here simply ran out of room for all of the crosses. so he put up the sign with the casualty count, 6,2702. this is thought to be the -- 6,702. this is thought to be the biggest memorial here. the creator, jeff heaton, spoke to me a short while ago and says he got the idea to plant the crosses a couple of months after the war began in 2003 because some friends of his own this hillside property. a decade ago, then-president bush ordered the invasion of iraq. many began to grow frustrated by the loss of life and the weapons of mass destruction. he told me a short time ago that he took time today to reflect on this anniversary. >> to me, it's -- this day is
7:38 am
sad because it -- it reminds me that we live in a society at this point where we have to have these perpetual wars going on. i really think we need to look deeper within ourselves, which is why we still keep the memorial up here even though people, i'm sure, ask that question, why is it still up there. the war is over. the war in iraq is over. >> reporter: over the years, this memorial has sparked its share of controversy. vandals several times have torn out the crosses. critics have called for them to come down, describing this display as an eyesore. the creator keeps them up here even though the war in iraq officially ended in 2011. because in his mind, he wants these crosses to remain on the hillside until all u.s. service members will have come home. as we come back out here live, you see a live look at this hillside in la fayette.
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the creator did tell me that he's open to the idea of some type of a more permanent memorial here on this hillside. he's also open to the idea of possibly builting some type of housing for returning veterans. live in la fayette,ed alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. well, if history is any indication, the u.s. government will be paying for vets' cost for many years to come and the government is still making monthly payments to the families of civil war veterans. 148 years after that war ended. compensation to veterans of recent wars now tops $12 billion. 7:36. grief counselors and a special assembly are planned in memory of a teenager killed in a sprint car crash over the weekend. students at rincon valley middle school in santa rosa will return from spring break next week and grieve together
7:40 am
over the classmate, marcus johnson. patrick eagle, basketball coach and teacher, described marcus as a -- as a model student and teacher. >> i was completely shocked. i didn't think that was possible, not marcus. on saturday, johnson was in the pit area watching his cousin race at marysville park when the car went off the track and hit him and another spectator, killing them both. a memorial for the 8th grader sits outside the johnson family's muffler shop. investigators are looking into whether a detachable steering wheel in the car malfunctioned. the chp has recognized officer tyler carlton as its trooper of the year. the agency says chp officer carlton exhibited tremendous heroism trying to save his partner shot in september along interstate 680 in alamo. the chp says carlson's actions ensured no one else was hurt. his efforts to perform cpr also
7:41 am
ensured that he his organs could be donated, in accordance with his wishes. david campos wants to create 25-foot buffer zones around planted parenthood and other clinics that offer reproductive services. this is in response to recent anti-abortion protests at the planned center on valencia street. this would apply to the exits, entrances and the driveways. hospitals would be excluded. city colleges still facing the possibility of being shut down. the board has termed the chancellor search unfinished business as it fights to stay hope. ccsf could shut down due to a
7:42 am
panel's finding that did not fix a lot of problems in leadership as well as financial planning. breaking news. a suspicious device is causing big problems in downtown san francisco. ktvu's brian flores is live from the scene. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. we're not sure what the suspicious desize is at this point -- device is at this point. we're live on eddie. but it's closed down the b.a.r.t. powell street station now. if you are id rooking b.a.r.t., you should know that b.a.r.t. trains, from what we understand, b.a.r.t. trains will not stop at powell. instead they are telling riders to get off at civic center or montgomery. again if you are riding b.a.r.t. because of this suspicious device, this possible suspicious device, they are not stopping at the powell street station. they are telling riders to go off at -- off at civic center or montgomery. it's also causing ped problems
7:43 am
at well. a lot of people standing on the corner. they have closed off, i should say, the area around market between ellis street and powell and mason. because of this suspected suspicious device that they may have found inside the b.a.r.t. station. not sure if it's inside the b.a.r.t. station or around the b.a.r.t. station. but we're working to gather that information. as soon as we find out more, we'll pass that information along and we'll be back in the next 15, 20 minutes with more information. we're live in san francisco, brian froes ktvu channel 2 news -- brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. the traffic will be affected, although we don't have any major backups yet in the area. the crew is there. we'll find out more as soon as he finds out more. but b.a.r.t. is not stopping at powell street. let's go to other traffic pictures now. southbound 880 looking at a traffic time of 23 minutes from 238 to mowry avenue, which is about normal, for this time of
7:44 am
the morning, anyway. no major problemses there. highway -- problems there. highway 4 has been slow because of an earlier accident. the chp says witnesses say they saw a wrong-way driver and a collision occurred just after willow pass road. just after 6:00 in the morning. the lanes are open but traffic is very slow there. at the toll plaza, westbound traffic is backed up. you will see slowing as you come up to the pay gates. let's go to steve. a very good morning. mostly clear. partly cloudy skies. a lot of high clouds. we had a little bit of light rain. there will be more on the way. very weak system. get a little bit of a break right now. we'll continue to get increasing high clouds. two parts to the system. it's tracking more to the north. we're waiting for it back here. it's a ways away. the system if it gives us .10
7:45 am
to .25 i will probably be satisfied that. rain develops overnight into tomorrow. one of the updated models keeps light rain going through most of wednesday. it will be cooler but it looks like it's on its way. unfortunately the projections are just ho-hum, maybe picking autopsy little bit. let's hope so. it would be great if we could get .5 or more because we desperately need it. we're running out of time. you can see a few echos from the radar last night. not much there. clouds will continue to roll in. mostly cloudy. 40s on the temperatures. santa rosa is down to 41. but temperatures for some held up, the strong, strong systems continue to be in the great lakes and the northeast where it keeps snowing. that's the anchor. we need that to break down or move. it's been there for three months. that's why we get the weak
7:46 am
systems. we'll get one, one and a half and then will be out of here by wednesday night. chilly. low 60s, 70s. temperatures sitting at 50. it wouldn't take much. more rain onwardser, clearing out on thursday -- on wednesday, clearing out on thursday. 7:43. sal will have more on the suspicious device in san francisco coming up. also a double dose of good news for the housing market. strong reaction against a singer after her rant against gays at a local nightclub.
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we have a suspicious device that's been found near the powell street b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. this device has forced the closure of the b.a.r.t. station and some of the muni lines in this area. police are looking at the suspicious device located near the corner of siril magnum and market street. the bomb squad has arrived. there's a wide area that's closed. our reporter is gathering more information. this will cause a lot of delays for those who use this. even on market streets and the surrounding streets and the cable cars not coming down the hill all of the way. you might have to use something else in that area as well. stay with ktvu. we'll let you know more about the developing news. investors are eyeing the situation in cypress.
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they are revising a controversial bank bailout plan before voting on it this evening. the original plan levies taxes up to 10% on individual savings accounts. they are shut down until thursday for a holiday. the dow is up right now due to some encouraging news. more on that in a moment. the dow is up 14. the nasdaq is down 2. and s&p is flat. this is the start of a two- day reserve policy meeting but ben bernanke and his colleagues are not expected to make any big policy changes. that's the view of economists who believe the fed will keep stimulating the economy by leaving near record low interest rates where they are. that's despite a strengthening u.s. economy and rising home prices. new this morning, the congress department announced home starts were up in february. construction rose at its second fastest pace in four and a half years and there is a positive
7:51 am
sign for future construction as building permit requests jumped more than 4.5%. that's the most since june of 2008. developing news. we're finding out more about last night's explosion in nevada that killed seven marines. ktvu's pam cook is in our newsroom to tell us exactly what happened. >> reporter: we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened but the pentagon has confirmed that at least seven marines were killed, seven others injured during a training exercise last night. it happened at the hawthorne army depot in nevada, not far from the california boder. 145 miles southeast of -- border, 145 miles southeast of re knee. it's used to -- reno. it's used to train forces. we have new video of some of the injured marines being taken to hospitals. according to statements, all of the traps killed and -- troops killed or injured were based out of north carolina.
7:52 am
officials at the scene are not giving much more information out than that. >> it was a accident that happened with the marines that were training down here. and what i can tell you is there was a few people that were care-flighted. >> now, the hawthorne army depot in nevada does store and dispose of ammunition. but at this point, the investigation of that explosion is ongoing this morning. we're watching for developments here in our newsroom and we'll bring you any updates that become available in our next hour of "mornings on 2." reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:49. yoshi's in san francisco apologizing after singer michelle shocked went on an anti-gay rant during a recent show. she was performing sunday night at yoshi's when she shocked the audience about using derogatory slurs about gays and then she
7:53 am
told the crowd to tweet what she just said. about 200 people were there. a lot of them walked out. >> my first reaction was to turn on the lights and get the microphone out of you her hands. -- out of her hand. >> yoshi says this is the first time they've had to shut down an act. several other concert vendors are canceling her upcoming shows because of her comments. ten minutes before 8:00. not for sale, why valero has decided not to look for a buyer for its person knee shaw refinery. -- for its benicia refinery. and the yoga pants problem is not leaving much to the imagination. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan!
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breaking news in downtown san francisco.
7:56 am
police have cordoned off several areas near the powell street b.a.r.t. station. just moments ago we saw a robot going into the area here. it looks like now the police officer is actually there. so it looks like they are looking at whatever this is. but a large area of downtown san francisco has been cordoned off because of a suspicious device found near siral magnum and market street. this has inconvenienced a lot of people. they are not able to get through. traffic is snarled through at the b.a.r.t. station, the muni metro, not stopping as powell street. stay with ktvu. we'll let you know what happened. certainly good news you see a police officer walking up to the area in question. we'll let you know what's happening. valero oil will not sell its two california oil refineries. last year they were searching but they admit there was very
7:57 am
little interest in this. they will upgrade the facilities. a popular athletic apparel company is issuing a recall because you can see pretty much right through their yogo pants. lulu lemon has stopped shipping black pants deemed too sheer. a fabric problem affected about 17% of the pants in stores. any purchases since march 1st can be returned. the see-through bottoms are affecting the bottom line. shares fell more than 6% after the company said the recall will hurt its financial results. all right. >> okay. very in-depth story. important traffic commute stuff this morning. i know you are following what you just talked about in san francisco. but everything else.
7:58 am
>> the b.a.r.t. trains are not stopping at powell street. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a big crowd here because earlier problems held people back. 80 is a mess, so is highway 4. there is a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. also this morning we're looking at san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 moderately heavy as you approach the split in san francisco. santa clara, the heaviest traffic getting into mountain view, 17 is slow from los gatos down to the valley. we have a lot of clouds. clouds will continue to increase, though, throughout the day. the system is still -- we had a band go through yesterday and evening. a few light, light showers. partly cloudy, chilly lows, clouds increase light rain coming in. 40s to 50s on the temperatures. mainly 40s right now.
7:59 am
santa rosa is the coolest at 41. we'll have to wait a while. there's two parts to this system of. the second part comes through tonight. it went from that much to not bad. so mostly cloudy, light rain. 50s, 60s to near 70s with the south wind. and a break in the warmer weather by the end of the week. a bay area preschool shut down the disturbing incidents that led to that decision. and we're live here in san francisco where police are investigating a suspicious device here in the heart of the city. we'll give you more information -- coming up. >> reporter: shattered glass and depreare left in an east -- debris are left in an east san jose neighborhood. we'll tell you what led up to the shooting and what neighbors are saying.
8:00 am
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. i'm dave clark. breaking news. a suspicious device causing big problems in downtown san francisco. brian flores is right there. there are new developments that just happened moments ago, brian. >> reporter: yeah, just about one or two minutes ago, dave, the area where the suspicious device was seen seems to have been cleared because traffic seems to be moving through the area on mason and eddie.
8:02 am
this area was cordoned off about two minutes ago. new details, around 7:15 this morning, there was a suspicious device that was found just to the right, if you can see it or not, to the right of a bus stop here on siril magnum. that suspicious device was described as a metal box, the size of a shoebox. bomb squad crews sent in a robot to examine it. and then just about five minutes ago, they took that robot out and then this area seems to be clear. what is unclear is whether b.a.r.t -- the powell street station is gonna be closed. from what we understand that station was closed because of this suspicious device. they were telling people to get off either at civic center or montgomery streets. we're looking to get some more information there. in terms of pedestrian traffic, the traffic is continuing to move through. it was blocked off and people had to move around the area.
8:03 am
traffic here on eddie street, a little bit backed up on eddie and mason. it's starting to pick up here in terms of traffic movement because of area has cleared. we haven't gotten the wording on the all-clear but the officers seem to be clearing up the tape and peds and traffic seems to be moving through. that's good news. we'll keep you updated through the morning. i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, brian. a deadly officer-involved shooting in a san jose neighborhood. janine de la vega is live in san jose to explain why police opened fire after a chase. good morning janine. >> reporter: we're here on jerilyn drive. neighbors i just spoke to said it looked like bumper cars out here. they say this is where the shock was when he was shot. there's more debris on the other side of the road. they say that stolen car went across the street and rammed into the parked cars you see
8:04 am
there. deputies say just before 7:00 last night, san jose police officers in unmarked cars, spotted a stolen car and tried to stop it. the driver of the car tried to ram into two police cars and another parked vehicle. they say the officer got out of the car and that's when the suspect accelerated toward the officer. authorities say out of fear for their life, the authorities fired a shot. one neighbor had to duck when he heard all of the gunfire. i see the -- >> i see the car going in reverse. bumper cars going and i heard the shots and ducked and covered. >> reporter: that suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries. neighbors tell us the suspect was driving a white hon doe. this is -- hon doe. this is video of the -- honda. this is video of the car. we're told the male passenger is cooperating with
8:05 am
investigators. it's unknown if he will be charged. deputies spent the morning processing the scene. the sheriff's department is handling this investigation because it happened in an uncorp rated area -- unincorporated area. again, you are looking at one of the parked cars that was crashed into. this black dodge that you see, actually ended up getting hit and then it smashed into this silver truck over here. you can see a dent right there in the back of the pickup. it did a lot of damage out here in the neighborhood. neighbors are still shaken up over everything that's happened. reporting live in east san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. new details. a preschool in livermore was shut down following a series of allegations. it will not reopen any time soon. social services shut down the
8:06 am
school after investigators found two babies swaddled too tightly. they found a baby sleeping in a car seat and another sleeping in a highcare. social services says the facility cannot reopen under the current management. and two individuals are banned from work, at any state licensed change facility -- child care facilities. police say an incident that happened sunday morning at a pg&e storage yard, police believe the suspect stole a forklift from a construction site and used it to lift a 5600- pound spool of copper wire into the flatbed of a truck. police say the man may be driving a 1995 or '96 ford f- 350 or f-50. if you have information, call police. and pail low ail so city council think -- palo alto city
8:07 am
council has considered an idea forful 15 years but now the utility commission say the time may be right. they say it should be considered a community service. 8:04. in san francisco, the mta is meeting today about a taxi app. the mta may soon require taxi companies to require realtime information on where their cabs are and when they will be available. that information could be used to connect people to the nearest available cab. if the mta approves this proposal, the app could be available by summer. standing-room only last night during a heated parking debate in san francisco. muni is proposing taking ail way parking spaces to make room for bicycles. this controversy idea involves a neighborhood on polk from mcalister to union street. one business owner said that flight plan would be a disaster
8:08 am
for local business. we want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on a suspicious device. sal? >> before we go to the lineup here, i want to tell the guys in the control room if they can bring up the chopper on one of our towers here. things have reopened in downtown san francisco. the traffic on market street is now being allowed to move again. you can see, these are live pictures from newschopper2 and just developing in the last few minutes, everything is moving on market street at powell. these are live pictures, so the trains are moving through although they've not been allowed to stop at powell street station, but that should change in a few minutes. let's go to the toll plaza. i want to mention the traffic is backed you for about a 25- minute delay. backed up west of the macarthur maze. not all that bad. also if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, slow traffic from 238 down to mowry avenue.
8:09 am
the east shore freeway is a mess because of an earlier crash. the traffic is still recovering from pin nome to richmond -- pinole to richmond. and highway is backed up solid from antioch to concord. it will take a while for this to unwind. let's go to the 280 freeway northbound. it traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. today's weather with steve. >> thank you, sal. a very morning. a lot of high clouds, it looks like our system will come in by tonight. forecast models beefed up some of the rainfall totals. they were pretty weak with it for a while. we'll see if that holds. two parts to the system. when we get the high clouds, they will continue to thicken up. the main low is here therein lies the rub. if that holds through, that might give us some rain. the cloud cover certainly is there. it stretches down to the equator almost. so mostly cloudy here. partly cloudy in the morning.
8:10 am
rain develops in the evening, tomorrow morning. we'll continue some rain. tomorrow might be one of those cloudy, light rainy days. it will be cooler but then it is out of here. some rainfall projections have gone up to two-thirds of an inch for some. we'll see. i get leery when they go from hardly anything to not bad. we could sure use it. the cloud cover is starting to increase. last night had a few light shower sprinkles. that's moved off. 40ens and 50s. just kind of a chill in the morning air. 41 in santa rosa is the coolest. now temperatures are warming you. another big system. it continues with just beating the band here with more snow and severe weather. this has been the anchor here. it's been on the east coast for the longest time and until that budges, our pattern doesn't change much, hence why we've had a dry january, february and most of march machine this
8:11 am
system coming in doesn't have too much going for it. so cloudy, mostly cloudy. there will be a lot of high clouds. light rain develops later on. 50s 60s to near 70. i think most of it comes in and temperatures won't be bad. they will cool down tomorrow. we'll clear it out thursday, friday. maybe a little cooler on sunday. but still pretty good. a republican senator best known for his tea party views now is endorsing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. kentucky senator rand paul will announce that this morning. he's at the u.s. chamber of commerce summit. he says republicans cannot win elections without latino support. >> i think a lot offer latino voters agree with us on these issues. the republican -- the republicans have pushed them away with harsh rhetoric regarding immigration. >> this announcement comes as a bipartisan group of senators
8:12 am
gets closer now toen a agreement on overhauling the nation's immigration laws. senator paul says he expects to support that bill but he wants to insert some of his ideas. the dominican republic will take on puerto rico in the world baseball classic championship tonight at at&t park. ♪ >> fans parked the park yesterday and watched the dominican team defeat the netherlands, 4-1. fans said baseball is part of their national identity. puerto rico defeated team sauce to make it to the finals. game time for san francisco is 5:00. march madness begins this week. it's coming soon to san jose. the ncaa regulation basketball court is one of the final steps needed to get hp pavilion ready for the regional in san jose and local business owners are also gearing up for busy days.
8:13 am
>> it will be much bigger than any sort of event. typically will be -- typically it will be bigger than a sharks game. cal is set to play unvl on thursday. and then the st. mary's gaels will play middle tenny state. twitter is offering a fitting way to stay in touch with the basketball. it will feature all 64 tournament games just minutes after they happen. fans can watch on phones, tablets and pcs without leaving twitter. the first tweet is expected at 3:30 when the first game starts. 8:11. developing news in san francisco. we've been talking about this for the past half-hour. a suspicious device that shut down mass transit in downtown san francisco. how things have changed in the past ten minutes. the surprising discovery in the dorm room of a florida
8:14 am
college student who may have been planning a mass shooting. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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8:16 am
it looks like rain comes in tonight and takes us into wednesday morning. police say a roommate's 911 call may have prevented a mass shooting and bomb attack at the university of central florida. officers say they received that call from a former student when a former student pointed a gun
8:17 am
at his roommate in a dorm. they say the former student had a handgun, and assault weapon and four bombs in his room. he had also pulled the fire alarm in his dorm to get all of the students out of the building so they would be easier targets. the suspect shot himself, though, before police arrived. the white house says it will not tolerate north korea's nuclear plans. this comes as north korea post as video on the internet showing a simulated attack on the u.s. ktvu's kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom where she just spoke with an expert on north korea's nuclear goals. kyla? >> reporter: he says north korea has always made threats but those threats are escalating to a new high. the u.s. needs to take it seriously. this is part of the four-minute long video from north korea it shows a simulated attack on the white house and u.s. cap bol building. chuck hagel says the u.s. will move forward with adding missile intercepters to the
8:18 am
existing fleet but the 14 new ones in alaska will not be in place for another three years. we spoke to someone who, woulded in the intelligence community, he says north korea launching a north korea attack would be national suicide. >> we can quibble over where they are on the path but we know what path they are on. they've had a decade's quest. >> reporter: he says the u.s. should be concerned because of the growing tension between north korea and south korea and because of the recent rocket launches and tests. he says even if the u.s. respond minimally with force, we have to be willing to go all in. he says a bigger concern is north korea's leader is new, young and untested. that means he could cross a red line without even knowing it. live kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. a suspect in the gruesome beheading of a wall street journal reporter in 2002 has
8:19 am
been arrested in pakistan. daniel pearl was kidnapped in pakistan and was later killed. pakistani officials say a former leader of a military group was captured although they say he did not carry out the beheading. court documents say he was kidnapped in an attempt to win freedom for al qaeda members being held at guantanamo bay. a new study tracks gun sales percentages that end up in the hands of smugglers who take the weapons into mexico. according to the study by san diego's transborder institute, 2.2% of u.s. gun sales made it to smuggling rings. that means about 2 a 53,000 weapons of frommed in the u.s. end up south of the border. mexican leaders have blamed lax laws. there will be another gun buyback event in santa clara
8:20 am
county. the county collected about 1100 weapons on march 2nd. saturday's event starts at 8:00 a.m. at reed . 8:17. oakland police still searching for an armed man this morning. last night police were called to the city's westlake area after getting reports of an armed robbery. the police shut down several streets near fairmont avenue. the officers used a taser to arrest one man, but a second man got away. police think he's still out there carrying a weapon. we're waiting to find out more about the police activity in vallejo right near a homicide investigation scene. police made two arrests last night on hillborn street. this happened near a home on hickburn street where an elderly man was found shot to death on sunday.
8:21 am
was the 6th homicide in vallejo this year. homes police are changing and expanding to a neighborhood -- oakland police are change and expanding to a neighborhood plan. it will be divided into five districts and each district will have a captain that will tailor the strategy to the needs of that particular neighborhood. chief jordan says this new system will allow police officers to build stronger ties and connections with the community. and they can utilize an understaffed police force more effectively. it could soon be illegal to light up in three palo alto parks. a city council is scheduled to city a recommendation that would ban smoking at lytton and cogwell plaza and sara park. the city has received numerous complaints about smoking and litter at the parks. palo alto also received a d- rating from the american lung association for its smoking policies. today, a proposal to ban
8:22 am
electronic cigarettes will be considered in contra costa county. it would ban electronic cigarettes in areas where smoking is already banned. this would require those who sell electronic cigarettes to have a tobacco retailers license. a new youtube posted by a sonoma county winery is triggering the debate over the use of the drones. the winery in kentwood used a remote-controlled device to film this, the winery vineyards and posted it on youtube. some people are questioning if that it video is legal. drones are banned for commercial purposes in the united states. the manager at the winery told the "press democrat" that that video was only we be used to show the -- being used to show the video. the city has talked about moving ahead with its own ban on the plastic bag but there's
8:23 am
been request for other ways to reduce usage without a full ban. other ideas include telling shoppers to bring their own bags or napa could support state-wide efforts to ban plastic bags. no final decision is expected today. troubling signs for bay area food banks. what they really need and how you can help. look outside. live at the skies getting darker. steve's coming back. he will tell us about the rain in our bay area forecast. highway 4, still recovering after a terrible crash early this morning. we'll tell you more about that and the rest of the commute.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
according to the latest federal jobs report, california has the worst unemployment rate in the country. the bureau of labor statistics says california had an unemployment rate of 9.8% in january. that means california ties with rhode island for the highest unemployment rate in the country. california's rate remain unchanged for the month before. by the way, the national unemployment rate is 7.9%. 8:23. the alameda county community food bank says it will be completely out of food by the end of the week. it feeds thousands of families in the east bay and the shortage comes at a time when the need is growing. the food is leaving faster than
8:27 am
it comes in but they say donated money can go further than food. the food bank says one donated dollar can be turned into $4 worth of food. >> 20% uptick in food drive donations this year, which is great. but the food left our facility two weeks faster. that's a startling indication of the need in ure community. and santa clara and san mateo counties, they are low on donations. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is back. you are watching the roads and the bridges. >> that's right. and looking at the bridges and the toll plaza. remember the earlier crash we had on highway 4. it was a wrong-way driver that witnesses say caused that crash. the traffic is going to be busy still recovering after lanes were blocked for quite some time. the morning commute is gonna be slow at the bay bridge.
8:28 am
it's getting better. but you will see traffic backed up for about 10, 15-minute delay. on the peninsula traffic, southbound 101 is backed up from 380 to 92, about a 15- minute drive there. across the bay from 238 to mowry, about a 20-minute delay there on that stretch. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. some sunbreaks out there. we'll see clouds continue to move in. 40s giving way. clouds will continue to inch in. he we get a little bit of a break here in the morning. heaviest rain will be to the north. hoes -- 40s and 50s. coolest temperature in santa rosa at 41 degrees. our system, though, is inching closer. two parts the one to the north, we don't concern ourselves with. it hold as lot of moisture. we just need a mechanism in the atmosphere to kind of give us the rain. it's gone from .10 to .3 and
8:29 am
now .25 to .23. we do need the rain. 50s 60s to low 70s. most of the rain will arrive later tonight and take us into wednesday. after that it looks like it clears out. we're gonna update our top story we've been following since this morning -- security scare in downtown san francisco. it's affected many commuters. >> reporter: mark, the 10th anniversary of the iraq war. coming up we'll tell you why the creator of this event says these white crosses must replain on this hillside. >> reporter: super bowl l could be it held here and why some say it's a sellout when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:30 am
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8:32 am
we're following a tense situation in downtown san francisco. a suspicious device causing chaos for a lot of morning commuters. brian flores has been out there. you are back now. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, certainly chaos, dave. probably about 25, 30 minutes ago. but it looks like things appear to be running normally. we're standing on eddie and mason but that suspicious device was found near a bus shelter. but again, things, including traffic and pedestrian traffic and b.a.r.t. and muni traffic appear to be moving back to normal. that suspicious device was found -- described as -- about the size of a shoebox. it was metal and had wires and
8:33 am
a light flashing out of it. at around 7:15 this morning, someone had seen the device and immediately called 911 and then sfpd's explosive unite responded very quickly -- unit responded very quickly and they closed off a one-block area around the powell street b.a.r.t. station, even closing it down for a period of time. here's more of what san francisco police had to say this morning. >> they saw a flashing light. they say an electrical cord coming out of the box. they felt that was suspicious and they called us. we responded out and evaluated it. we determined it was worthy of -- of our eod unit, to come out and evaluate it. >> reporter: san francisco police sent in a robot and that was taken away. the the area is all clear. so traffic moving nicely through here. b.a.r.t. and muni are all clear as well.
8:34 am
you should expect some residual effects from this, in terms of traffic on the roads and also on b.a.r.t. and muni. they say there's some traffic on the -- traffic still. we're live in san francio, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, pope francis has been officially installed in vatican serve and vows to -- vatican city and vows to serve the poorest and the weakest. pope francis being presented with the symbolic fisherman's ring. before being installed he circled paint peter's square -- st. peter's square. then he surprised everyone and stepped down to kiss the forehead of a disabled man. >> this is not gonna be an ordinary pope. he wants to be very close to
8:35 am
the people. >> about 200,000 people parked st. peter's square to watch the installation. joe biden was there. he led the u.s. delegation for the installation mass. and then the pope treated this message, let us keep a place for christ in our lives, let us care for one another and let us be loving custodians. a couple of minutes later, he said this -- >> the pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the weak and the vulnerable. 8:32. we're following developing news coming in from iraq this morning. at least 56 people have been killed. more than 200 were hurt in series of bombings in and around baghdad. [ sirens ] >> you are looking here at video out of baghdad this morning. most of those attacks were car bombs. they targeted small restaurants and bus shoppe stops in shiite
8:36 am
areas. one of the deadliest attacks happened near the heavily fortified greenstone. that's where the -- green zone. that's where the american embassy is located. the attacks come on the 10th anniversary of the u.s.- led invasion of iraq. here in the bay area, a memorial to troops killed in iraq and afghanistan in lay fayette has -- in la fayette has become a landmark. alex savidge is live in la fayette where you spoke to the creator of this memorial? >> reporter: i did. he's rely hoping that people will come by and take a second look at all of these white crosses on this hillside and really consider all of the service members who died over the past decade. the organizer, the creator of this memorial keep as count of the ash ualtys in both -- casualties in iraq and afghanistan. the tally, 6,702. the man behind this display is jeff heaton.
8:37 am
he lives in la fayette. he told me he wants the crosses to replain here as long as u.s. troops remain in harm's way in the middle east. heaton got the idea to plant these crosses shortly after the u.s. invaded in iraq back in 2003. his friends own this hillside property giving him an adeal place to honor the war dead. it didn't take long for many americans to grow tired of the conflict in iraq, frustrated by both the loss of life and the lack of weapons of mass destruction. while the iraq war officially ended back in 2011, the creator told me the crosses symbolize an ongoing conflict. >> we seem to be in a situation where there's a perpetual war going on in the middle east. and so there's this feeling of -- there's not really an end date. and so we keep the crosses up here to remind people of that, that there doesn't seem to be
8:38 am
an official end date to the war. >> reporter: this is thought to be the largest memorial in the u.s. honoring service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. over the years, this display has sparked some controversy, vandals have come in and torn out the crosses on several occasions critics have called for them to come down describing this display as an eyesore. the creator says he has no plans to remove the crosses. he said he's open to the idea of a more permanent memorial here at this site or possibly even the idea of building some kind of a supportive housing complex for returning veterans here on this piece of property. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the iraq veterans against the war group is holding a press conference at noon today to announce the launch of what they call a right to heal initiative. the group says it's a project to make sure the u.s. takes concrete steps to address the
8:39 am
death concerns of u.s. veterans and iraqis and afghan civilians. the press conference will be held at golden gate avenue and larkin street. the city of san francisco may be a step closer now to hosting super bowl l in the new 49er stadium. tara moriarty is live to tell us what the city leaders are expected to reveal tonight. >> reporter: well, every near the nfl asks the super bowl host city to waive the taxes of its local employees. it adds up to millions of years. the city ink thises they will recoup the costs by hosting. hosting the super bowl this year gave new orleans a much- needed economic boost. tonight, the city council will finalize the proposal for the nfl asking the workers and its teams to be exempt from the hotel tax and parking fees. city leaders say they will compry.
8:40 am
we're talking about 19,000 beds here and miami is the rival city. it shot down that request last year but changed its tune this time. one woman said they can afford it. >> i work in a hotel and the taxes that people pay every day is a lot. it wouldn't be fair to see that cut because that makes a big difference in the money we make. >> reporter: but others say it will pay off and give santa clara some great publicity. >> i think it's gonna give santa clara some showmanship. it's like something putting on a tuxedo for the first time. you check it out with the family and see if they like it and they take pictures. >> reporter: it would be exempt from a surcharge that would raise an estimated $6 million and another that would have raised $25 for -- for senior and youth programs.
8:41 am
a parking fee would be waived to pay for police and traffic. the city thinks this would all be made up through private donations. we just received a statement from the nfl which reads it's a request and factored into the overall bid process as part of the process to bring a super bowl that will generate hundreds of millions in economic impact and exposure. so will santa clara or miami post the super bowl? we'll find out may 22nd. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. want to check in with sal, see how things are going in the commute. they are getting better in some areas but still pretty slow. let's go out to the live pictures. traffic on 880 is normal here. a little bit slow as you approach the high street exit. traffic is improving at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's more like a ten-minute delay. that's good news.
8:42 am
southbound 680, there's a new crash on the shoulder there. a car went off the embankment, medics are on the way. highway 4 takes the big deal. it's very slow because of earlier problems. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. have had some 40s this morning. starting off to -- starting to bounce off the morning lows. partly cloudy, chilly lows, clouds increase, light rain comes in -- it says this afternoon but leaning more towards tonight and then into tomorrow. the heaviest rain might be later tonight and tomorrow. they are not all in sync. they hardly ever or. but two parts of the system. we're waiting for it. a little low. it looks like it will go over the bay area. what was a proejection on rainfall to about .10 has gone from .3 to .23. that's one. the other is not as bullish on
8:43 am
the rain. i hope so. it looks like after wednesday we will be back. high pressure builds back in. the long-range outlook of the exact pattern we've had almost since january. as we head towards the weekend we'll have a lot of sunshine and warmer weather. 40s and 50s. the coolest temperatures, some of that cloud cover held things up. i'll try to keep this strong high pressure up in greenland as blocking everything, and that allows the systems to dive into the great lakes in the northeast. that hasn't changed in months. we have high pressure here as well. this one might give us a little bit of rain and a lot of clouds million a chill morning giving way to light rain plater on -- a chilly morning giving way to right lane late -- to light rain later this morning. rain takes us into wednesday. maybe a little cooler on sunday. but overall, mostly fair.
8:44 am
>> all right, steve. a big fire just hours ago and it was right near the oakland raiders' headquarters. what was burning out there. what investigators are saying about how it started. here in california, i just want to say, liberals, you could actually lose me. >> the conner is rative reason bill maher says he may leave the -- the donor is -- the conservative reason bill maher says he may leave the state. chill hello?
8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:47 am
a surprisingly strong increase in new home construction is sending stocks higher on wall street. u.s. builders started construction of homes in february at the second fastest pace in four and a half years. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 22 at 14,474. the nasdaq is also up 2. s&p is up slightly. parliament of cypress, the mediterranean island nation is expected to vote about a bailout. the international monetary fund and european union won't give the tiny nation the bailout
8:48 am
money it needs unless it taxes all bank deposits. finance ministers in kye press -- cypress are proposing another idea. the government has closed all banks at least until thursday for prevent a run on withdrawals. bill maher says he may leave california because of the state's high tax rate. >> here in california, i just want to say, liberals, you could actually lose me. it's outrageous. what we're paying, over -- i'm willing to pay my share but yeah, it's ridiculous. >> maler made the comment after one of his guests criticized republicans for blocking efforts to tax millionaires mamer says -- maher says the rich people pay the freight. 8:47. let's bring you up to date son
8:49 am
some of the other top story we're following for you right now. san francisco bomb squad just gave the all-clear. several streets were shut down, several mass transit systems were affected. just a little while ago, the bomb expert said the device was not dangerous. seven u.s. marines based in north carolina have just been killed hours ago in a training exercise. it happened in southern nevada at the hawthorne army depot. there was some type of explosion and traffic unit. we don't know the marines just yet. pam cook will have more on this story still developing. an investigation continues into a fatal officer-involved shooting in unincorporated san jose. it happened last night about 6:45 near a theme drive. ktvu's janine de la vega is out there this morning to tell us
8:50 am
why the police say they were forced to shoot. janine? >> reporter: a lot of people out here are talking about last night's shooting. take a look at this debris left over from the shooting. now, that the car that the suspect was driving hit this black suv and then that -- that ended up getting pushed into the silver pick pickup where you see this dent -- silver pum where you see this -- pickup where you see this dent here. neighbors said it looked like bumper cars. the driver of a vehicle started to ram two police officers and another parked vehicle. they say the officer got out of the car and that's when the suspect accelerated toward the officer. authorities say out of fear for his life, he shot the suspect. that suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died. some neighbors are questioning why police continue to pursue the suspect in a residential neighborhood. >> too extreme. a lot of kids an people out in
8:51 am
a residential. i would think that they would probably have some precaution or back down a little bit. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the suspect was driving a white honda. we have video of that car being towed away for police evidence. there was a male passenger in the car at the time of the shooting we're told he's cooperating but it's unknown if he will be charged with anyone. deputies spent the morning processing the scene and interviewing witnesses. the sheriff's department is handling this investigation because it happened in an unincorporated area of san jose. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson from the sherr aif -- sheriff's department. he was not able to tell me any history of the suspect. right now they don't want to hinder their investigation. so they don't want to reveal any of the identities of the people involved. but we will continue to follow up on this story. reporting live from east san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:52 am
developing news -- an investigation just really getting underway into a deadly explosion at a military site in nevada. we told but this a few minutes ago. pam cook is in the newsroom with new details about what may have happened and new reaction from washington, d.c. >> yeah, just coming in moments ago, a marine corps official just told a reporter that the seven marines killed in nevada died after a 60-millimeter mortar explored -- exploded unexpectly during a training incident. it happened at the hawthorne depot, 140 miles southeast of reno. the pentagon has confirmed that at least seven marines were killed. we understand that seven or eight others were injured during that training exercise and taken to the hospital. according to statements from the marines, all of the troops killed or injured were based out of camp lieu jean -- camp
8:53 am
-- camp leujene. harry reid spoke about the tragedy. >> marines all over the world are focusing on the loss of their fellow marines. they are grieving this loss. details are emerging. we don't really know. the area's been blocked off. >> the nevada facility stores ammunition. the desert terrain is said to be similar to that of afghanistan. the official said it was not immediately clear whether the mortar exploded prematurely inside the firing tube or whether more than a single round exploded. we heard that it was kite a
8:54 am
substantial explosion. we understand that marine corps official not authorized to speak on camera but giving that reporter that information. so more developing news. we'll continue to find out more about what happened and report it to you as soon as we can. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. a car fire about 4:00 this morning, almost spread to the oakland raiders' headquarters in alameda. firefighters rushed to this fire at harbor bay parkway and found the car engulfed in flames in a parking lot in the back of the property, which is behind the oakland airport. the building was not burned. firefighters want to know if this was arson and they want to know if the car was stolen or whether it was involved in a crime. eight minutes before 9:00. we're getting new details about president obama's bay area visit next month. the president will attend four fund-raisers during his two-day visit. two of the fund-raisers will be in san francisco, two in
8:55 am
atherton. the money raised during his visit on april 3rd and 4th will be used to help democratic candidates in the mid-term elections next year. the president wants democrats to regain control of the house of representatives. congress will hold a hearing on efforts to pose the risks posed by as i industried and meet yores -- by asteroids and me toe yores -- meteors last month. this is closer to earth than many satellites. astronomers estimate 20,000 potentially hazardous -- >> you are making me look up. new concerns about baby seals. why elephant seal pups are
8:56 am
washing up on bay area beaches. good morning. some slow traffic here as you drive up to orinda. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. anouncer ] ihoe square to compare
8:57 am
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8:58 am
a pair of whales putting on a real show for whale watchers in southern california. these whale watching groups, showing the whale swimming right up to boats in dana
8:59 am
point. experts say they were showing mating behavior. the marine maimal says they are seeing more elephant seal pups on the beaches. 16 are being cared for at the marine mammal center at the marine hedlunds, they expect to see more as the pups struggle. they say call them if you see one, but never get too close to them. ticket tuesday. today's winners will get to check out the san francisco flower and guard and show. five viewers will win a family four-pack for march 20th through the 24th at the san mateo event center. for your chance to win, go to before midnight and put in the secret word "horticulture." spell that one carefully. let's check in with sal again. >> this is the toll plaza. it's improved quite a bit. if you are trying to get into
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